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384 Victoria Street,
Brunswick, Victoria 3056
T: 03 9380 1112.

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Our Practice Areas – Advocacy and Migration Law

Our practice areas combine the following:

Migration Law

More about Migration Law Services

Police / Criminal Defence Matters

We can help if you:

  • are going to Court and need a Lawyer
  • have received a summons or warrant
  • have been charged with a driving offence
  • have been charged with another police offence

We represent clients involved in:

  • Police summary charges
  • Bail applications
  • Children’s Court (if you are under 18)

We can:

  • advise you, so you know your rights,
  • prepare your best case, and
  • represent you in Court.

Human Rights Law

If you believe your human rights have been violated, we can advise you and advocate your case to the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission, or to VCAT. The commission handles complaints made under the following laws:

  • Equal Opportunity Act 2010
  • Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001

If you believe you’ve had your rights violated by a Victorian public authority, we can represent your case before the Victorian Ombudsman under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.

Alternatively, we can take your claim to the Australian Human Rights Commission (Commonwealth).

Note: If you make a claim under State law, you cannot at the same time, bring a claim under Commonwealth law.


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