Conveniently located in Brunswick & St Albans, Victoria:

420 Victoria Street,
Brunswick, Victoria 3056
T: 03 9940 1538
F: 03 9381 0700

St Albans
24 Avondale Avenue,
St Albans, Victoria 3021
T: 03 9940 1538
F: 03 9940 1456

Our Practice Areas

Our practice areas combine the following:

Migration Law

More about Migration Law Services

Police Matters

Going to Court and need a Lawyer?

We can help if you have:

  • Received a summons or warrant
  • Been charged with drink driving
  • Been charged with another summary offence

We represent clients involved in:

  • Police summary charges
  • Bail applications
  • Children’s Court (if you are under 18)

Know your rights - We can advise you.

We can prepare your best case and represent you in Court.

Employment Law

  • Advice under the Fair Work Act 2009;
  • Advice on Employment Contracts;
    • Advice on unfair work terms;
    • Restraints of trade;
  • Advocacy in Fair Work proceedings:
    • Advice in unfair dismissal;
    • Time limits for proceedings;
    • Constructive dismissal;

Family Law

  • Wills and Estates;
  • Divorce;
  • Parenting Order Applications;
  • Family Violence Matters;

Commercial Law

  • Retail and Commercial Leases;
  • Sale and Purchase of a Business;


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